About us

When you say holiday everyone will think: sea, sun, bar. But time has changed and people prefer more ancient towns, places of historical significance, cities with beautiful landscapes. Skopje is a city that contains the highest historical values in the Balkans, which will take you back in ancient history, a city that will profoundly affect you, with the Old Bazaar will take you to the Ottoman period and will fascinate you with delicious dishes. With over 900 thousand inhabitants for centuries keeps the Ottoman values and exalts. Vardar is the most important river that divides our city in two parts. Through the Stone Bridge we will cross over to the other part of the town. The Stone Bridge, which is left to us during the Ottoman period, soars up during the centuries without the influence of time. We are honored to welcome you in our city, which is especially beautiful in every season and, in which you will not feel like a stranger. Our Hotel Old Konak is located in the center of the Old Bazaar with antique and historical values, with authentic shops and a garden where tea is served and where you will be courteously greeted. It is a real pleasure for us to welcome you in our hotel which is open 24 hours for our estimated guests, to serve you with authentic Skopje tea and breakfast, in the spacious rooms, and the most significant in a Turkish hotel. Our hotel, which has no limits for the service and the hygiene, and there is also a possibility for internet, in the rooms we have TV (with hundreds of channels and satellite programs), air condition and mini-bar. As a team of the Hotel Old Konak we are particularly honored and pleased to warmly welcome you in a hotel, which is worth for a place of comfort, pleasure, purity, honor and excellence.